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J.E.T. (Jobs and Employment
Training Program)

The J.E.T. program was designed for youth ages 13-17 to participate in an intensive job training and life skills program. We seek to support youth who have faced challenges in the educational system, are on the verge of dropping out of school, or who did drop out and have not obtained their high school diploma. The strategy for the J.E.T. program is to work with young people who, due to their adverse educational outcomes would be at a high risk of unemployment and future employability. We believe that the J.E.T. program can be a lifeline for those individuals. Click here to sign up

Work from Home Opportunity

Work from Home Opportunity is helping single-parents to make-the-ends-meet. The WHO work program can offer economic stability for single-parents that successfully complete an assessment and customer service training. WHO allows parents to earn extra income without having to worry about finding a sitter, or transportation cost. Working from the comfort of their home offers single-parents the peace-of-mind that they deserve. Interested in the WHO program, click here.

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