Managing Our Motherhood & Managing Our Money 911

Hi Mom!

Thank you for your interest in attending MOM911: Managing Our Motherhood and Managing Our Money!

MOM911 are events that were created to support and empower single moms on their journey of parenting. This forum is the result of the single parenting journey that Dr. Nicole Scott experienced while raising her son alone.

Join us at our MOM911 events as Dr. Scott invites a variety of speakers that share life-changing tips and strategies regarding the many obstacles moms may face on their journey of parenting. MOM911 events are free of charge and open to single moms and women who are open to learning about supportive techniques and strategies to implement on their journey of parenting, and womanhood. MOM911 events take place throughout the city of Chicago. We welcome you to be a part of the discussion.

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We believe that it takes a village to raise healthy children. With the support and generosity of others, MOM911 will reach thousands... eventually, millions of women. Click here to learn how you can sponsor a MOM911 Event.